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Introduction to Visible Light Disinfection

Bacterial infections are pervasive, costly and deadly. Today, and every day in the United States, over 270 people will die from a Healthcare Acquired Infection. And it seems like every day, there’s another foodborne illness outbreak, another multimillion-dollar food product recall, another alarm about antibiotic resistant infections. One valuable new tool in the battle against the risks of infection is Visible Light Disinfection. This seminar will help you understand this new technology, how mainstream customers are using it today, and what you need to know to speak about it intelligently. We’ll cover:

  1. The problem: basic issues and statistics

  2. The types of customers/environments that have infection control needs

  3. How visible light disinfection works and how it addresses customer needs

  4. Common questions & concerns (Is it safe? How does it differ from UV? Etc.)

  5. How to differentiate yourself by educating and adding value to clients

  6. Q&A

Webinar participants are eligible for one (1) IES Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

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Later Event: February 14
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